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Celebrating the success of BC's Women Entrepreneurs  "The New Pioneers" is a publication that provides a showcase for the successes and accomplishments of British Columbia women entrepreneurs from all walks of life. This includes entrepreneurs from urban and rural communities, traditional and non-traditional fields, as well as a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. Published

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Fighting Business Attention Deficit Disorder

Business Attention Deficit Disorder is insidious. It can enter and permeate a business from many points. Before implementing Strong Business Strategies entrepreneurs need to know and understand why their business is suffering from Business A.D.D. Is it an owner/entrepreneur/professional personal problem that spills over into the business or is it a problem with the way

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Unattended & Neglected Situations can Trigger B.A.D.D.

In my first post below, I defined Business Attention Deficit Disorder or BADD, when a "business is characterized by unattended and neglected situations which, if left unchallenged, conspire to run and ultimately ruin a business." What are the unattended and neglected situations in a business? For entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners there is always one

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Business Attention Deficit Disorder

Business A.D.D. is BAD for Business! My name is Marilyn Strong and in 2007 I spoke to a group of women entrepreneurs in Kelowna, BC, Canada about Business Attention Deficit Disorder, Business A.D.D. for short. I chose the topic because for years I had joked that my own business suffered from it. But it's not

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