Seeking Thrill Seeker Procrastinators!

May 18, 2011 No comments yet

Hands up all you Thrill Seeking Procrastinators. You know who you are. You delay and procrastinate on a project or task just so you can feel the rush of adrenalin as you streak toward the deadline.

You’re the ones who get bored easily. How much fun is it to finish a task ahead of time? Where ‘s the fun in that?

If you’re a self employed business owner (SEBO) who loves the thrill of completing a project or task right at the last moment then you could have a bad case of Business Attention Deficit Disorder (Business A.D.D.)

While you’re enjoying the thrill and adrenalin there are other parts of your business that are struggling for your attention. You know the parts that aren’t the ‘fun’ part.

Perhaps it’s bookkeeping or marketing or even day-to-day operations like answering the phone and email. Those too have deadlines but you ignore or stretch the deadlines¬† because there’s no fun in doing them. And besides, there’s a VERY important deadline looming!

If you identify yourself as a Thrill Seeking Procrastinator here’s one simple strategy to help end your Business A.D.D.: Develop a reward system for different milestones in the project or task.

Make sure the milestones are significant and personalized for you. For many people chocolate anything is a good reward for reaching a milestone. So rather than race through the project to the end exhausting your adrenalin and yourself, enjoy rewards along the way.

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