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Marilyn Strong, BA MBA
Marilyn Strong is an innovative marketing strategist, trainer and facilitator. Her expertise in combining technology with strategies for growing strong businesses has benefited clients in agriculture, tourism, hospitality, retail, and high tech industries.

In the early days of desktop publishing she owned a marketing and advertising company to help clients effectively target their markets. As a newspaper publisher, she grew revenues by 256% over three years with a 21% ROI, and working with an agricultural tour company, helped them generate an 800% increase in revenues.

Marilyn was also one of the first trainers and facilitators to develop and deliver online workshops to help entrepreneurs create powerful pricing strategies. Over the years she has honed her training and facilitation skills and currently delivers in-person professional entrepreneurial training programs through Womens Enterprise Centre.

In addition to offering facilitation and training, The Strong Communication Group delivers business training programs for entrepreneurs and develops strong business and marketing strategies that help entrepreneurs grow their business.

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