Avoid – the dictionary defines avoid as “to keep away from; keep clear of”. Sometimes Avoid can mean, ‘prevent from happening’.

For entrepreneurs with Business Attention Deficit Disorder, avoiding is a common characteristic. You avoid or stay away from work you don’t want to do or like to do. Mail piles up. Bank statements go unreconciled, phone calls aren’t returned if you don’t know the reason for the call. Entrepreneurs with ADD/ADHD are trying to avoid the reality behind the action.

If you are avoiding an unpleasant phone call, an uncomfortable discussion, the unopened mail on your desk, you are actually creating a void – an empty space – in your business. That empty space represents a loss and a gap that fragments your business and keeps it from being whole.

Take action – just one simple step to fill in your business and help it grow. Open the mail and sort it. Or if you have it opened but a pile of bills sits unfiled, commit to filing 10 bills. And if you don’t have a place to file the bills, commit to making a file folder for each bill company’s name and put the bill in the file folder.

Make one of your business strategies a commitment to fill in the void in your business, make it whole again and commit to doing the work you don’t want/like to do and conquer Business Attention Deficit Disorder.