Struggling through Business Attention Deficit Disorder may mean that you have to regularly commit and re-commit to your business. Your passion for your product or service is always evident. But the commitment to do what it takes to keep the organization functioning may need a tune up.

While we all hold ourselves accountable for our actions, sometimes a strategy, like being accountable to an outside party – someone with no vested interest in your business and who holds you to your words – can help us push through the Business Attention Deficit Disorder.

Do you have a MasterMind group – in person or virtual – who holds you accountable for what you say you’ll do? My MasterMind group meets every second Friday. And each time we meet we commit do something that will move our online business forward.

My group holds me (and all the other members) accountable to meet our targets. I do my best not to disappoint myself and them. While there is no ‘punishment’ for not meeting the targets, I hate the feeling when I’ve made a commitment to a target and then not met it – no matter what the reason/excuse. And in my group excuses aren’t acceptable reasons for not making your target. Admitting that I didn’t make the effort or find the time to meet those targets, while making me feel yucky, at least keeps me honest and true to myself.

Without this accountability it’s way too easy to slough off and not focus on the targets.

Being committed to your business is as important as being committed to your work. Set up your accountability team today!

Who else holds YOU accountable?