Did You Get Your Marketing Mojo Last Night?

March 8, 2012 No comments yet

Marketing Mojo was the topic for the March 7, 2012, Okanagan Valley Entrepreneurs Society’s monthly townhall meeting. More than 25 local entrepreneurs attended the meeting with panellists best selling author Marilyn Strong, and Don Robichaud talking about marketing strategies and tactics  ranging from the internet to traditional media to networking and creating alliances.

Although mojo can mean a magic charm bag used in voodoo, in today’s world it more often means a special talent or appeal YOU have that attracts your customers because they understand the problem you’re solving.

Here are some questions to get you thinking about YOUR marketing mojo.

1. What’s the problem for which your product or service is the solution?

2. How do you know your customer has that problem?

3. What messages to you use to convey the problem to your customers?

4. What tactics do you use to demonstrate your solution to their problem?

Get your mojo going. Get your energy behind your marketing words and actions. Be authentic in your presentation and in your solutions.

Great discussions! Thank you to everyone who came out and thank you Rae Stonehouse for moderating!


Getting Paid to Pay Attention – Why Your Business has A.D.D.

December 14, 2011 No comments yet
Book cover: Getting Paid to Pay Attention

Newly published book: Getting Paid to Pay Attention

If you’ve ever thought you should be getting paid to pay attention, then you’ve come to the right place. For many small business owners, freelancers and self-employed professionals, one of our biggest problems is making sure all the hats we wear are managed effectively. For some people, that’s relatively easy. For others… it’s a real challenge.

Maybe your business suffers from a little-known condition which I’ve blogged about numerous times,  Business Attention Deficit Disorder(Business A.D.D.) If left unchecked, this condition can crush your entrepreneurial dreams faster than a monster truck crushes a Toyota.

Well folks, after blogging about Business A.D.D. for almost 2 years I’m pleased to announce that my book, Getting Paid to Pay Attention, is done.

The book will give you the tips, tricks and strategies to win the game of business and overcome your Business Attention Deficit Disorder  at the same time!

Click the link here to get a complimentary report on the 3 Sure Signs of Business A.D.D. A special pre-order price for the PDF version along with a bonus is also available.  Enjoy!


Finding Pure Joy

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Pure Joy.

Those two words sum up my volunteer experiences at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Based in Whistler, BC, for 25 days I was a National Olympic Committee Assistant. Initially assigned to the Chile delegation, I was reassigned for the final 10 or so days to the delegation from San Marino. And in between I helped out the Israeli delegation.

Working and being among the best athletes and coaches in the world moved my game up a lot of notches.

Everyday there were smiles. Big smiles. There was joy in the Athlete’s Village and in Whistler. People were smiling. They were happy.

The athletes and coaches were very focused and the volunteers could sense that focus, that determination, that drive to be the best; to outwit the cold, the snow, the rain, and whatever obstacles were put in their way.

I learned a lot about teams, about competing, about competitions, and about life. And I experienced and felt Pure Joy.

I will be blogging about how my Olympic experiences can be transferred to successful and strong businesses. I hope you’ll join me.

New Pioneers: eBook Version now available

March 6, 2009 No comments yet

newpioneersNew Pioneers: Stories of 100 BC Women Entrepreneurs is coffee table style book celebrating the pioneering spirit of 100 contemporary women entrepreneurs from around the province of British Columbia, Canada.

Working with Women’s Enterprise Centre as the project manager for this project has been incredibly inspirational for me. I hope you take the time to learn more about women entrepreneurs and celebrate with us, their successes. Click here to download a pdf version of the book. Please note that it is a huge file and could take a few moments to download.

Managing in Turbulent Times

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Feeling the Effects of Lower Sales? Restricted Cash Flow? Tight credit?

Join us Tuesday March 31, 2009 from 8:00 am – 11:30 am, at the Coast Capri Hotel in Kelowna BC to get the information, insight, encouragement and resources you need to lead your business through these difficult times.

Understanding the Current Economic Environment
Jock Finlayson, Executive VP, Business Council of BC

Leading Through a Downturn
Brad Field, Founder, Pacific Safety Products & President/CEO Trilogy Design Works;
Christine Dendy, Owner/Manager, Dendy Orchards

Reviewing Operational Efficiency and Securing Financing
Joy Playford, Regional Director Special Markets, BDC

Fine-tuning Marketing Strategies
Marilyn Strong, Facilitator, Women’s Enterprise Centre

This program is now completed.