Book cover: Getting Paid to Pay Attention

Newly published book: Getting Paid to Pay Attention

If you’ve ever thought you should be getting paid to pay attention, then you’ve come to the right place. For many small business owners, freelancers and self-employed professionals, one of our biggest problems is making sure all the hats we wear are managed effectively. For some people, that’s relatively easy. For others… it’s a real challenge.

Maybe your business suffers from a little-known condition which I’ve blogged about numerous times,  Business Attention Deficit Disorder(Business A.D.D.) If left unchecked, this condition can crush your entrepreneurial dreams faster than a monster truck crushes a Toyota.

Well folks, after blogging about Business A.D.D. for almost 2 years I’m pleased to announce that my book, Getting Paid to Pay Attention, is done.

The book will give you the tips, tricks and strategies to win the game of business and overcome your Business Attention Deficit Disorder  at the same time!

Click the link here to get a complimentary report on the 3 Sure Signs of Business A.D.D. A special pre-order price for the PDF version along with a bonus is also available.  Enjoy!