Overwhelming Odds

How often does your list of  'to do's' exceed your capacity to actually get the tasks completed? Does the list seem overwhelming, or do YOU feel overwhelmed by the list? Understanding the difference between the two and then learning to manage the overwhelming feeling is one key to surviving and conquering Business Attention

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It’s all about Attitude

William James, one of the founders of modern psychology wrote: "Procrastination is attitude's natural assassin. There's nothing so fatiguing as an uncompleted task." Think of your business for a moment. How many 'uncompleted tasks' do you have? What about the marketing campaign you were going to start? Or the new employee you wanted to hire

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How Strong is your business?

How Strong is your business? Take a few minutes and read through the information below and then write down YOUR answers. Success - The definition of success is different for every entrepreneur and business owner. There is no right or wrong answer. So, what does success mean to you? Success Strategies - In order to

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