Unleashing the next $10,000 Idea

Strongbiz is pleased to announce that their CEO, Marilyn Strong, has been selected to present at the Okanagan Valley Entrepreneurs Association Unleashing Ideas Conference in November Strong's topic is Tapping into your Distracted, Busy Life -- Get a Grip on Your Business. It's a topic with which she is very familiar ! Distractions are interruptions

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Did You Get Your Marketing Mojo Last Night?

Marketing Mojo was the topic for the March 7, 2012, Okanagan Valley Entrepreneurs Society's monthly townhall meeting. More than 25 local entrepreneurs attended the meeting with panellists best selling author Marilyn Strong, and Don Robichaud talking about marketing strategies and tactics  ranging from the internet to traditional media to networking and creating alliances. Although mojo

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The E.N.D. of Business ADD

It's been a while since I posted on my blog however I was challenged today in my Master Mind group to provide an update on my e-book. So I am doing that. The book is tentatively titled, The E.N.D. of Business ADD. Business ADD, is in my opinion, a syndrome characterized by unattended and neglected

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Finding Pure Joy

Pure Joy. Those two words sum up my volunteer experiences at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Based in Whistler, BC, for 25 days I was a National Olympic Committee Assistant. Initially assigned to the Chile delegation, I was reassigned for the final 10 or so days to the delegation from San Marino. And in between

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