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Overwhelming Odds

November 2, 2009 No comments yet

How often does your list of  ‘to do’s’ exceed your capacity to actually get the tasks completed? Does the list seem overwhelming, or do YOU feel overwhelmed by the list? Understanding the difference between the two and then learning to manage the overwhelming feeling is one key to surviving and conquering Business Attention Deficit Disorder. […]

Unattended & Neglected Situations can Trigger B.A.D.D.

February 10, 2009 No comments yet

In my first post below, I defined Business Attention Deficit Disorder or BADD, when a “business is characterized by unattended and neglected situations which, if left unchallenged, conspire to run and ultimately ruin a business.” What are the unattended and neglected situations in a business? For entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners there is always one […]