Strongbiz is pleased to announce that their CEO, Marilyn Strong, has been selected to present at the Okanagan Valley Entrepreneurs Association Unleashing Ideas Conference in November

Strong’s topic is Tapping into your Distracted, Busy Life — Get a Grip on Your Business. It’s a topic with which she is very familiar !

Distractions are interruptions that trigger a change in our focus which in turn stops us from moving ahead on our current path and sets us on another.

According to Strong, “Distractions rank among the top reasons people indicate they have trouble getting work accomplished in the time frame they set out.” It could be external distractions like technology, people interruptions, noise, the smell of popcorn wafting from the kitchen microwave. It could be internal distractions like boredom, feelings of inadequacy, fear, a lack of company direction, hunger, tiredness, or a just plain, ‘I don’t wanna’.

No matter what the reason or type of distraction, the problem is: distractions are costing more than $10,000 in wasted productivity per person per year. Imagine what YOU could do with an extra $10,000 in your business!

Unleashing Ideas: Okanagan Valley Entrepreneurs Fall 2013 Conference is a one and a half day conference being held in Kelowna on November 21 & 22nd as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week and is hosted by the Okanagan Valley Entrepreneurs Society (OVES). This is the second annual Valley-wide Entrepreneurship Conference hosted by OVES.

Friday’s activities will consist of keynote speakers and breakout sessions lead by entrepreneurial thought leaders, Like Marilyn Strong, focusing on unleashing entrepreneurial ideas. There will be plenty of networking opportunities to promote yourself and your business.