Marketing Mojo was the topic for the March 7, 2012, Okanagan Valley Entrepreneurs Society’s monthly townhall meeting. More than 25 local entrepreneurs attended the meeting with panellists best selling author Marilyn Strong, and Don Robichaud talking about marketing strategies and tactics  ranging from the internet to traditional media to networking and creating alliances.

Although mojo can mean a magic charm bag used in voodoo, in today’s world it more often means a special talent or appeal YOU have that attracts your customers because they understand the problem you’re solving.

Here are some questions to get you thinking about YOUR marketing mojo.

1. What’s the problem for which your product or service is the solution?

2. How do you know your customer has that problem?

3. What messages to you use to convey the problem to your customers?

4. What tactics do you use to demonstrate your solution to their problem?

Get your mojo going. Get your energy behind your marketing words and actions. Be authentic in your presentation and in your solutions.

Great discussions! Thank you to everyone who came out and thank you Rae Stonehouse for moderating!