Pure Joy.

Those two words sum up my volunteer experiences at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Based in Whistler, BC, for 25 days I was a National Olympic Committee Assistant. Initially assigned to the Chile delegation, I was reassigned for the final 10 or so days to the delegation from San Marino. And in between I helped out the Israeli delegation.

Working and being among the best athletes and coaches in the world moved my game up a lot of notches.

Everyday there were smiles. Big smiles. There was joy in the Athlete’s Village and in Whistler. People were smiling. They were happy.

The athletes and coaches were very focused and the volunteers could sense that focus, that determination, that drive to be the best; to outwit the cold, the snow, the rain, and whatever obstacles were put in their way.

I learned a lot about teams, about competing, about competitions, and about life. And I experienced and felt Pure Joy.

I will be blogging about how my Olympic experiences can be transferred to successful and strong businesses. I hope you’ll join me.