Strong Business & Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Whether it’s developing brand recognition for a company in the radio frequency field; creating a market penetration strategy for a ski resort; designing and implementing a product differentiation strategy for a GPS product; or re-positioning a community newspaper, Marilyn’s ‘Strong Business, and Marketing Success Strategies’ have helped clients grow their revenues by up to 800%.

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Strong Business PowerTools Strategy

The strategy is good. Then comes the implementation. How can you implement a new strategy and tactics when it seems that your teams are already ‘busy’ with their work? How can you be sure that what they’re doing what adds value and contributes to the bottom line?

There is a simple process to help entrepreneurs figure out whether what is being done is adding value or filling time; and whether what is being done is actually being done in the most effective way.

Using special PowerTools, this “Strong Business Success Strategy” documents your team’s current processes, reviews the processes against the company’s vision, mission, and goals. The result shows where duplication occurs, how responsibility and accountability are avoided, and what processes are ‘out of touch’ with the company’s current goals. Once new processes that match the company’s vision, mission, and goals are created, PowerTools can also help a company decide the best fit for the processes.

Entrepreneurs and business owners know they have a Strong Business when their business: runs on documented processes with room for constant improvements; eliminates duplication of work and; creates accountability with responsibility.

How do they know that? They have a profitable, more effective business that responds quickly to changing circumstances, eliminates bureaucracy, and has a highly effective and efficient team that is focused on vision, mission, and goals.

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Workshop Facilitation

Marilyn is a dynamic leader who really cares about her audience and her workshops are delivered with enthusiasm and high energy.

She has delivered programs ranging from 1-hour in length to single and multi-day workshops. Some of these are her own programs and some are programs that companies have already created. We are happy to customize an existing program or to develop content to your needs and specifications.