“I have worked on projects with Marilyn for 20 years. She is dynamite. She is focused. She has a sharp mind. Customers love her; respect her. She has marketing in her blood and has a deep understanding of process mapping and improvement. A great sense of humor. A big smile for everyone. Working with her is a treat.” – Bill Campbell, former Beta Program Manager for the Americas at Skype

“Marilyn is one of those wonderful people who are organized, thorough, and understanding. We worked together on several projects with the Women’s Enterprise Centre and each time it was enjoyable and productive. Marilyn is the type of woman who will find a solution for any difficulty, all the while keeping her cool. I loved working with her – and you will too. “– Darcy Nybo, Owner, Always Write.

“It has been my pleasure to work with Marilyn. Her ability to manage large projects while keeping the focus on the details is one of her key strengths. Marilyn facilitated numerous workshops throughout BC and I was always impressed with the way she enhances others’ learning through her engaging style and subject matter expertise.” – Dawn McCooey, Skills Development Manager, Women’s Enterprise Centre

“Marilyn assisted us with the design and delivery of a facilitated workshop that involved a range of stakeholder interests. Her strategic approach and focus in the planning stage were especially valuable and her attention to logistical details contributed to a well-organized and successful event. She met all timelines with ease. We appreciated her genuine interest and enthusiasm in our project and enjoyed working with her.” – Sandra Kochan, Cultural Services Manager, City of Kelowna

“Marilyn has become a real asset to our company. The ability to assign business challenges to her and she gets it done without a lot of prep or discussions is the true value. From a business owner’s perspective, Marilyn is like having another right-hand person without the need to direct or fill in the gaps or employ full time. She has the experience to be able to read between the lines, and then accomplish the request every time with an added value above and beyond the request. Marilyn is rare to find. A true focused professional that understands that time is money and results is what you need.” – Connie Krissler, Owner, Silver Springs Concrete Services Inc.

“My website, E, and print marketing programs were in disarray, prior to hiring Marilyn. My business had grown and I had neither the time nor experience to improve this. I knew Marilyn from other ventures and knew that she had the ability to be hyper-focused and dedicated, and, was REALLY smart. So, I hired her and her team to create a bigger brand presence.

For three weeks Marilyn and her team worked tirelessly and produced results I never knew could be had. In 3 weeks, they accomplished what my two other services plus myself could not do, in six months. They completely surprised me with their wizardry. While I focused on developing a new business line and managing my growing business, they created a much-improved website, improved my Linked In rankings, moved my organic search results from 47 to 13, fixed the errors my web guy left behind created a print campaign and developed an ongoing E-presence. I now have a much-improved ranking in a number of different ways, my marketing results are tracked and trackable and more importantly…my phone rings more. I encourage anyone needing a more visible presence, to contact Marilyn.” – Kris Stewart, RN, BScN, MBA, Clinical Director and CEO, Advanced Home Care Solutions Inc.

“Marilyn worked in the “outbound” division of AgriTours Canada. Marilyn invested her time to really understand the needs of the outbound clientele and made sure each of their needs was met. Marilyn has a vision and drive in marketing concepts and was a great asset at farm shows.” – Roblynn Hunnisett, Agricultural Conference Manager and former Manager, Inbound Tours at Agri-Tours Canada

“I want you to know that I think you’ve done an outstanding job on the New Pioneers project and it has truly been a privilege to work with you. You’ve completed a complex project, in record time, and I have the utmost admiration for how you’ve handled yourself. I have to tell you that I appreciate the time you take to ‘teach’ me new things. You don’t let a moment pass without allowing it to be a ‘teaching’ moment and I really appreciate your guidance and support.” – Andrea Lindal, former Marketing & Communications Officer, Women’s Enterprise Centre (project contributor)

“Marilyn Strong is an incredible leader! I attended her workshop and it was a career-changing moment that led to huge leaps in my business. I felt completely connected and remembered pretty much everything from her session.” – Tryna Gower, Tryna Gower Photography (workshop participant)

“I’ve attended other workshops where I wanted to leave early, but not the Focus Marketing workshop facilitated by Marilyn Strong. Marilyn motivates, directs, encourages, teaches, and never puts anyone on the spot. She is very good at what she does!” – Dee Conklin, Palliser Printing (workshop participant)