It’s been a while since I posted on my blog however I was challenged today in my Master Mind group to provide an update on my e-book. So I am doing that.

The book is tentatively titled, The E.N.D. of Business ADD.

Business ADD, is in my opinion, a syndrome characterized by unattended and neglected business situations which, if left unchallenged or incomplete, conspire to run and ruin your business

Business ADD can occur in many businesses; however those business owners who are the ‘sole’ in their business are more likely to succumb to the syndrome than those businesses with staff.

Why? Because staff can carry the business, they can be assigned duties, roles and responsibilities that the owner doesn’t want to perform.

One Person Business Owners, which includes but is not limited to artists, consultants, contractors, professionals, sole proprietors, solopreneurs and the self employed are a dynamic economic force in our communities.

But not all of us are as dynamic as we could be and that’s where this e-book will help.

I’ll be discussing some of the causes, symptoms and the effects Business ADD has on your business as well as providing some strategies and prescriptions to mitigate some of the effects.

As I finish a chapter I’ll post a note on my blog. Right now I’m part way through the procrastination chapter. I’ve decided to leave it and work on some of the ‘easier’ chapters. I thought, if I started with the hard stuff the rest would fall into place.

Apparently not.

So I’ll start with the easier chapters and then finish with the hard ones.

My plan is to have the e-book available late fall so stay tuned!