Seeking Thrill Seeker Procrastinators!

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Hands up all you Thrill Seeking Procrastinators. You know who you are. You delay and procrastinate on a project or task just so you can feel the rush of adrenalin as you streak toward the deadline.

You’re the ones who get bored easily. How much fun is it to finish a task ahead of time? Where ‘s the fun in that?

If you’re a self employed business owner (SEBO) who loves the thrill of completing a project or task right at the last moment then you could have a bad case of Business Attention Deficit Disorder (Business A.D.D.)

While you’re enjoying the thrill and adrenalin there are other parts of your business that are struggling for your attention. You know the parts that aren’t the ‘fun’ part.

Perhaps it’s bookkeeping or marketing or even day-to-day operations like answering the phone and email. Those too have deadlines but you ignore or stretch the deadlines  because there’s no fun in doing them. And besides, there’s a VERY important deadline looming!

If you identify yourself as a Thrill Seeking Procrastinator here’s one simple strategy to help end your Business A.D.D.: Develop a reward system for different milestones in the project or task.

Make sure the milestones are significant and personalized for you. For many people chocolate anything is a good reward for reaching a milestone. So rather than race through the project to the end exhausting your adrenalin and yourself, enjoy rewards along the way.

Yes you can END Business A.D.D. by using Strong Business Success Strategies! For a complete list of strategies to help you avoid Business A.D.D. check out this recently published book, Getting Paid To Pay Attention. Why Your Business Suffers from Business A.D.D. and How to Fix It.

The E.N.D. of Business ADD

August 6, 2010 1 comment

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog however I was challenged today in my Master Mind group to provide an update on my e-book. So I am doing that.

The book is tentatively titled, The E.N.D. of Business ADD.

Business ADD, is in my opinion, a syndrome characterized by unattended and neglected business situations which, if left unchallenged or incomplete, conspire to run and ruin your business

Business ADD can occur in many businesses; however those business owners who are the ‘sole’ in their business are more likely to succumb to the syndrome than those businesses with staff.

Why? Because staff can carry the business, they can be assigned duties, roles and responsibilities that the owner doesn’t want to perform.

One Person Business Owners, which includes but is not limited to artists, consultants, contractors, professionals, sole proprietors, solopreneurs and the self employed are a dynamic economic force in our communities.

But not all of us are as dynamic as we could be and that’s where this e-book will help.

I’ll be discussing some of the causes, symptoms and the effects Business ADD has on your business as well as providing some strategies and prescriptions to mitigate some of the effects.

As I finish a chapter I’ll post a note on my blog. Right now I’m part way through the procrastination chapter. I’ve decided to leave it and work on some of the ‘easier’ chapters. I thought, if I started with the hard stuff the rest would fall into place.

Apparently not.

So I’ll start with the easier chapters and then finish with the hard ones.

My plan is to have the e-book available late fall so stay tuned!


Finding Pure Joy

March 17, 2010 No comments yet

Pure Joy.

Those two words sum up my volunteer experiences at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Based in Whistler, BC, for 25 days I was a National Olympic Committee Assistant. Initially assigned to the Chile delegation, I was reassigned for the final 10 or so days to the delegation from San Marino. And in between I helped out the Israeli delegation.

Working and being among the best athletes and coaches in the world moved my game up a lot of notches.

Everyday there were smiles. Big smiles. There was joy in the Athlete’s Village and in Whistler. People were smiling. They were happy.

The athletes and coaches were very focused and the volunteers could sense that focus, that determination, that drive to be the best; to outwit the cold, the snow, the rain, and whatever obstacles were put in their way.

I learned a lot about teams, about competing, about competitions, and about life. And I experienced and felt Pure Joy.

I will be blogging about how my Olympic experiences can be transferred to successful and strong businesses. I hope you’ll join me.

Celebrate! – You Deserve It and So Does Your Business

January 3, 2010 1 comment

It’s the New Year! It’s time to celebrate!

So, how many times in a year do you celebrate?

Oh sure, you celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates. But many of these are one-offs. They happen only once a year.

What do you do on the other 364 days? Can you imagine what it would be like to have a celebration (however big or small) every month? Or every week? Or every day? You can.

Celebrations don’t have to cost money nor do they have to take time to plan.

One very important activity I am learning (and continue to learn) is to celebrate. Some pundits say, “Celebrate all wins”. Me? I don’t want to wait for the “win”. I’m learning to celebrate when I finish a task, or even a section of a project.

For instance, I celebrate every time I deposit a cheque. I celebrate every time I “do what’s hard” no matter what that is.

Many of these celebrations are “out loud”. I sing, I dance, I hum, I whistle a tune and do a multitude of other activities to celebrate.

I also celebrate (usually quietly) every time my almost-86 year old mother answers her phone.

In learning to celebrate I discovered another way to conquer Business Attention Deficit Disorder.


If I celebrate the end of every task of every project, then the work involved in those tasks and projects doesn’t seem as onerous. I work with the end in mind. And the end is a celebration!

“That’ s fin”, you say,”but what types of celebrations do you have, how much do they cost and how do you prevent getting bored with your celebrations?”

My first choice for celebration is playing Kool and the Gang’s Celebration video. I have a short cut on my desktop. And I’ll be playing it once I finish this post even though I just played it because I accomplished another task.

It may sound corny but here’s how I customize the song. There’s lots of instrumentals in this song so after the band sings and the instrumental section starts I add the words “I finished <task name>” Then when there’s an opportunity while the band sings, I add “I finished <task name>”.

A MINIMUM of 10 times during the song I add in the words ‘I finished <task name>’. The combination of singing the words <I finished <task name> and dancing reinforces in the cells of my body and my mind, what I accomplished.

It makes me feel good. I have energy. My spirits are lifted and I’m ready to take on another task or project so I can celebrate again! Oh yeah, and I get up off my chair and dance too. It’s fun.

And if life isn’t fun and if work is’t fun or if I can’t do something to make the un-fun part of life and work fun, I procrastinate and avoid that part of my business as long as I can. And when I avoid those un-fun parts of my business, my business will suffer from Business Attention Deficit Disorder.

So now you know my first choice for celebrating. Try it yourself. Watch Kool and the Gang’s Celebration song on YouTube or download it onto your MP3 or iPod and next time you have a bank deposit, play the song once the transaction is complete. Who cares if you’re dancing out the door of the bank or bopping in your car? Celebrate! You deserve it!

Overwhelming Odds

November 2, 2009 No comments yet
Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

How often does your list of  ‘to do’s’ exceed your capacity to actually get the tasks completed? Does the list seem overwhelming, or do YOU feel overwhelmed by the list?

Understanding the difference between the two and then learning to manage the overwhelming feeling is one key to surviving and conquering Business Attention Deficit Disorder.

In the 14th century, the verb ‘overwhelm’ literally meant to turn over, to cover up and to cover over completely. In other words, a ‘thing’ could be overwhelmed. An army for instance could be overwhelmed by another army,  they would be overcome by a superior force or by greater numbers and be defeated.

Today, ‘overwhelm’ has been expanded to include a force that overpowers someone, either someone else or ourselves, either physically or emotionally.

So what is this force; this feeling of being overwhelmed? The force is an emotion linked to a feeling that whatever is to be done is more than what can be accomplished either by time or people or resources. That emotion is fear.

We create feelings of fear that there’s not enough time or enough resources based on what we think  which may or may not be the reality. The feeling of being overwhelmed is directly caused by us, ignoring or avoiding that which we fear.

This nagging, annoying, struggling, overwhelming feeling can continue to haunt us every day, and sometimes every hour or every minute. And that’s when stress and pressure start to show on us and in our business.

This pressure, this constant state of worry and urgency, often means we stall. We stall about making the decision on that which is overwhelming us. We procrastinate because it’s the THOUGHT of tackling the work, the project, the task that causes us to feel overwhelmed, to feel stressed, and to be fearful.

This feeling, if left unchecked, builds mind fatigue and eventually, body fatigue. And when we’re fatigued we’re not at our best and our business is not at its best. By not tackling the work, the project, the task, our business suffers from Business Attention Deficit Disorder.

What can we do to help us fight through the overwhelming feeling? What strategies that will allow us to work through the fear without becoming overwhelmed by the fear.

The process that works for me involves taking one baby step. When I’m feeling overwhelmed I take a deep breath and state what I’m feeling overwhelmed about. Then I state the first, easy result I can get by doing something. And you know what? The overwhelming feeling I had, starts to disappear.

Once I’ve completed the baby step I need a reward (and you should have one too!). My personal favourite is Kool and the Gang’s Celebration video on YouTube. I play that video every time I take a baby step. Someday I know that having played the song enough times I’ll associate all my overwhelming feelings with a celebration of how good it feels to take those steps.

It seems to have taken me a long time to figure this out. Some days it’s slow plodding through the procrastination to break free of the fear. But I know it’s worth it. Not only do I celebrate my steps, I’ve discovered the loss of the overwhelming feeling, the loss of the fear, has become another victory in the fight against Business Attention Deficit Disorder.